To support local individuals and families and help them remain connected to their community.


Every local individual and family deserves to remain connected, engaged and valued in the community they know and love.


Samarinda Residential Care Philosophy is based on the principles of Consumer Directed Care (CDC). CDC is both a philosophy and an orientation to service delivery where consumers can choose and control the services they get, to the extent that they are capable and wish to do so. Person-centred practice is a key component of CDC. It emphasises the wellbeing and quality of life of the individual person, as defined by the person.


Samarinda’s history began in the early 1960’s when a local Ashburton group started work to create a Senior Citizens Centre in Ashburton. Their actions led to the development of ‘The Ashy’ Op Shop and in late 1967 the Centre opened at its current site and the Ashburton & District Senior Citizens Welfare Association was formed.

From this point in time, the Ashburton & District Senior Citizens Welfare Association (which became known as Ashburton Support Services in 1998) became involved in many projects and services including Meals on Wheels, Social Support Services including  Planned Activity Group (PAG) services, assisting and acquiring a 10% share in the Stocks Village Independent Living Units Development, involvement in the funding and development of Elsie Salter House, and assisting in paying for the Craig Family Centre Playground. In short, Ashburton Support Services played a significant role in the building and development of the community fabric within the region, and has assisted in providing many services to people who are ageing and who have a disability.

In May 1993 the Ashburton & District Senior Citizens Welfare Association launched a fundraising appeal for the development of an Aged Care Hostel. A committee was formed headed by the late Howard Johnston and in 1996 the Ashburton and District Hostel (now known as Samarinda Residential Care) was established and  commenced the delivery of high quality residential aged care support services to the local community.

Over time Samarinda Residential Care continued to become more established in the local area and in 2008 it took over the Elsie Salter House Service which provides  specialised support services to persons living in the community who have varying degrees of dementia. In addition, with a clear eye on continuing to meet demand for residential aged care services in the local area, Samarinda Residential Care commenced a building program in 2014 to increase its bed stock from 40 beds to a total of 92 beds, which also includes a 15 bed specialist Memory Support Unit. This project was completed in 2018.

Merging both Ashburton Support Services and Samarinda Residential Care had been a talking point for several years and finally in 2015 it became a reality, when both Committees of Management and their Members agreed to the merger. The new organisation now trades under the name of Samarinda Ashburton Aged Services (SAAS). In 2017, the Samarinda Ashburton Aged Services Board went through a branding exercise and the organisation is now known as Samarinda.

The merger has added strength to the new organisation in that it now provides a sound platform to meet the ever changing aged care environment. This means that Samarinda now has a greater ability and capacity to provide support  to the local ageing and disability community across the continuum of in-home and residential supports.  Furthermore, it allows Samarinda to tailor these with the consumer to meet their individual requirements.

Management and staff:

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