Memory Support

Older adults with dementia receive specialised services and social programs at Samarinda. Whenever possible they are also encouraged to participate in daily activities organised for all residents.

Our Memory Support Wing has been designed to ensure that residents with dementia are safe, secure and, comfortable while residing at Samarinda.

The building design and Social programs for people with dementia help to maximise and maintain independence for as long as possible. The day is structured to incorporate enjoyable physical activity combined with engaging social activity and sensory stimulation to assist with sleep.

Individualised and group programs are tailored to connect with people’s life history, interests and to encourage social participation where that is preferred.

The design simulates a small household where people can carry out activities that resonate and are familiar for them such as becoming involved in food preparation, setting tables, folding linen and gardening. Of course this does not suit everyone so staff are alert to other options as well.

Staffing in the Memory Support Unit is consistent so that people build relationships and feel comforted by familiar faces. The staff have all undertaken additional training in the care of people with dementia.

Samarinda also offers day programs for adults in the community with dementia at Elsie Salter House.