Support Us


Samarinda is always extremely grateful to receive donations of any size. As a not-for-profit provider we will always use the funds wisely to provide the best possible care and supports and equipment for the residents and clients we work with.

Recently some small donations have enabled Samarinda to update some of its equipment in our lifestyle program, providing great joy to our residents. A recent large donation has gone towards the purchase of a new vehicle to assist Samarinda in transporting local residents to activities and services.

Every donation over $2 made to Samarinda is tax deductable.

To make a donation please contact us.


After you have provided for your loved ones, you might like to consider leaving a gift in your will to Samarinda. This is a thoughtful way of sharing assets – money, property or valuables – that you may need to use now, but can give to others when you no longer need them.

What are the advantages?

A bequest allows Samarinda to use the funds in the programs and services that need them most.

People who make bequests often say they enjoy knowing that they will make a positive difference to the lives of others in our community – well beyond their own life.

How can I do that?

There are many ways in which you can make a bequest in your will. You can leave:

  • A percentage of your estate;
  • The residue;
  • A specific amount, or
  • Specific items.

If you do intend making Samarinda one of your beneficiaries or you have already done so then please let us know. This will allow Samarinda the opportunity to acknowledge and recognise your generosity. Rest assured thought that Samarinda will treat all information you give us in the strictest confidence and will respect your wishes in this regard.

Please remember Samarinda in your will – it’s a very practical way of helping others long after you’re gone.

For more information about leaving a gift in your will, please contact the Chief Executive Officer on 1300 591 464.

Memorial giving

Memorial giving is a wonderful way of remembering a loved one – and also assists Samarinda in continuing its purpose to support local individuals and families and help them remain connected to their community.

We often hear that people really appreciate having the opportunity to honour the memory of their deceased family and friends by donating in their names.

Samarinda sends a letter to the family (or next of kin) naming everyone who has contributed – however we do not disclose the dollar amount (that is personal to those who donate).

In addition, everyone who contributes via memorial giving is sent a thank you letter and a receipt, which they can use for tax purposes.

For more information about memorial giving and to obtain envelopes, please contact us.


Samarinda also receives support from Government, philanthropic organisations and business. Much of this is funding for programs, grants or the occasional donation.

Samarinda would like to acknowledge these various bodies for their ongoing support of our organisation.