“The Ashy” Op Shop

Where the community comes together, through donations, sales and helping give back.

Some great reasons to visit “The Ashy” Op Shop

  • You’ll find many designer brands in store
  • Great bargains: particularly if you’re creative and on a budget
  • Help the local community: all proceeds go directly towards our community and residential service programmes
  • Environmentally friendly: recycling pre-loved goods reduces landfill and CO2 emissions
  • Great variety: from the refreshingly bizarre to the tastelessly mundane
  • High turnover: new stock arrives daily but hurry in, great buys don’t hang around

What can I donate?

Our op shop accepts quality clothing donations, accessories, books and bric-a-brac, homewares and furniture. If it’s good enough quality to give to a friend, then it’s something we’d love.

(We don’t accept mattresses, electrical goods or stained/damaged clothing.)

It’s easy to donate

Simply drop your pre-loved donations at our op shop or donation bins. See below for store location and hours of operation.

  • Do not leave goods out in the open – if they don’t fit in our donation bin, they may get weather damaged
  • If an item is stained, torn or broken, we can’t accept it
  • If an item is breakable/fragile, please wrap before donating

Volunteering opportunities:

“The Ashy” provides a diverse volunteer program enabling people from all walks of life to give back to their community, interact with others and gain work experience.  Contact us to find out more or visit our Volunteers page or call us on 9058 6052.

Volunteers needed 3 hours per week. Need retail experience for your resume? Volunteering at “The Ashy” will give you valuable retail and customer service experience!