Tovatafel – Stimulation for People Living with Dementia

29 July

Samarinda has recently received a Tovertafel (Magic Table), an amazing invention that totally brightens the lives of people living with moderate to severe dementia. It is a computer/projector unit loaded with interactive light animations which are projected on a table. It is scientifically proven to promote physical activity in elderly people living with dementia, while preventing overstimulation and unnecessary agitation.

These devices are expensive and out of reach for many aged care settings without significant fundraising or philanthropic contributions. For Samarinda, funding was very generously provided by Ashburton Community Bank Branch, Bendigo Bank.

Samarinda Ashburton Aged Services CEO, Mark Zentgraf says “The Tovertafel has been an instant success in our Memory Support Unit. Many of the residents are enjoying the various games and it appears to be challenging, stimulating and holding their interest. I am so thankful that Samarinda was successful in attaining this grant and I want to thank the Ashburton Community Bank Branch, Bendigo Bank for their support of the local community”.

Pictured at rear from left: Kathy Koulouris – Manager, Ashburton Community Bank Branch; Mark Zentgraf – CEO, Samarinda; Juliann Byron – Chair, Ashburton Community Bank Branch.